Video: CBS Local – Austin’s Renew Logic gets high environmental certification

Austin-based Renew Logic gets the highest environmental certification for keeping the environment safe. CEO, Gary Stephens explains how this company works, “Something has to happen to that material after it’s at the end of its life, after it’s served its purpose. Where does it go? Electronics are not like milk and eggs, but lose value […]

E-Waste: An Advancing Problem

As technology continues to advance, and become more intertwined with our everyday lives, e-waste continues to become more and more of an issue. According to Moore’s Law, the number of transistors on microchips doubles every two years. With that level of progress, it makes sense that IT and tech companies would want to trade out […]

John Paul DeJoria on CNBC’s Squawk Box – 9/22/2017

Renew Logic’s very own John Paul DeJoria discusses the economic and environmental benefits of recycling electronics with CNBC’s Joe Kernan. John Paul also introduces Renew Logic’s new program offering companies and individuals to send in their old electronics and earn some unexpected cash. Watch him in action

John Paul DeJoria announces latest company, Renew Logic, receives highest environmental certifications

AUSTIN, TX–(Marketwired – February 21, 2017) – Known worldwide as “Stewards of the World,” John Paul and Eloise DeJoria, and founders Justin Harvey and Gary Stephens, announce receiving the highest environmental certifications for their latest corporate environmental venture, Renew Logic. Renew Logic, a leading global electronics asset recovery and recycling company, received the most demanding […]