[RE]verse Logistics & Asset [RE]covery

• Maximized inventory value through recovery, reclamation, remarketing and liquidation of overstocked, end-of-life, damaged, trade-in and customer returned merchandise.
• Industry leading recoveries in key categories – Mobility Products, IT Equipment, Consumer Premise Equipment, and Network and Telecommunications Infrastructure.

[RE]quired: Data & IP Protection

All reusable, data-bearing electronics are physically destroyed and or must complete a proprietary asset tracking data clearance system that employs the US DOD 5220.22-m 3-pass data clearance standard.

• Facility-Wide Access Control and Staff Monitoring
• Quarterly Data Security Audits
• Annual Surveillance Audits
• Software-Based and Physical Destruction Services
• NAID and HIPAA Compliant Processes

[RE]distribution & Fulfillment

Leverage Renew Logics Advanced Logistics Capabilities, Processes & Solutions

• Advanced warehouse management system, skilled workforce, and refined tracking and management processes to ensure inventory accuracy rates and client satisfaction
• Sophisticated operational processes that enable us to receive, store, and ship products with delivery that is on time, damage free, complete, accurate, and properly documented
• Highly-responsive support, transportation solutions and reporting
• Flexible sales models including consignment, employee purchase, donation and leasing options

[RE]turns Management and [RE]marketing

• We specialize in transforming product returns into new revenue streams for our customers through our innovative processes.
• Returns are received, sorted, tested, and then remarketed through our e-commerce department or wholesale partners, generating revenue for our clients. We process materials, from receipt to sale, quickly and efficiently. This ensures the greatest value recovery for product returns in a world where product pricing can decrease rapidly.
• We provide transparency for our reverse logistics clients through our industry-leading inventory management and sales reporting system, APEX. This system, which includes a custom-built web portal, gives our clients the opportunity to witness the swift transformation of returned products into revenue.

[RE]newal – Asset Disposition Management

• Our primary goal is to recover value from retired IT assets for our clients, while simultaneously protecting their brands and the environment.
• We adhere to the strictest industry and governmental standards for data security and destruction, including NAID and HIPAA requirements. This ensures the safety and integrity of all client data from initial receipt of assets to final disposition, whether through remarketing to our trusted R2-certified downstream vendors, or through dismantling and recycling.

[RE]cycling & Environmental Compliance

• Renew Logic is an R2 and RIOS Certified Recycling Company
• We Utilize Industry-Leading, Web-Enabled Tracking Software, From Collection to Final Disposition
• Downstream Compliance and Certification is Available with a Single Click
• We Also Offer Custom Reporting for Asset Tracking and Compliance