Video: CBS Local – Austin’s Renew Logic gets high environmental certification

Austin-based Renew Logic gets the highest environmental certification for keeping the environment safe.

CEO, Gary Stephens explains how this company works, “Something has to happen to that material after it’s at the end of its life, after it’s served its purpose. Where does it go? Electronics are not like milk and eggs, but lose value every single day They are expiring on the shelf, they can send that product to us.”

One’s personal data is a priority for Renew Logic, says Stephens, “What you see here is shredded hard drives. So whenever a hard drive comes in, it has to be destroyed. We don’t know what’s on that drive and don’t want anyone else to get their hands on it. That’s the case that may hold users date.”

Stephens partners with “stewards of the world” John Paul and Eloise DeJoria in keeping the environment clean, “We are all in business with America’s favorite CEO, America’s favorite entrepreneur John Paul, and lucky to be continuing the legacy he’s built in business.”

Renew Logic recently received the highest environmental certifications for its practices. Chief operating officer, Chris Reid says this certification answers the international need for sustainability, “it starts with the simple things like safety and knowing what’s going on. Your processes, your procedures, your documentation so you have all of that in place.”

John Paul DeJoria sums up the concept of Renew Logic, “We’re into recycling, re, re-everything. There are so many electronics out there. People have in their garage even the old test tube electronics or just old stuff they don’t use. They actually throw it away. It pollutes the environment. We take it apart and reuse it. Any of the metals in there we take apart and make sure they’re reused someplace. Other parts whether it’s melted down so it’s reused somehow. Which makes things beautiful.”

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