Video: KEYE-TV Texas billionaire and friend of President Trump reveals why he didn’t vote for him

In this video, one of our partners, John Paul Dejoria, discusses why, despite his friendship with Donald Trump, he didn’t vote for him. Interview was conducted by KEYE-TV’s Walt Maciborski.

From the transcript:

As DeJoria looks to the future of his empire he has some concerns.

“There’s a lot of controversy around Donald Trump,” DeJoria said.

He knows Trump but he didn’t vote him mainly because of his record on the environment, among other things.

“He made some statements that weren’t true,” DeJoria said. “Thousands of people sued him because he didn’t pay them. And I happen to know a few of those people who he owes several thousands to and said no, ‘no I’ll only give you this much’ and they have no choice. That’s the bad part, right. And his ego. The guy’s got quite an ego.”

But DeJoria says we need to stay positive and he’s not going to give up on him just yet.

“He knows you’ve gotta balance the budget and I don’t think we’ve had a president in there, in I don’t know in how many decades or lifetimes, that was a business man,” DeJoria said.

DeJoria faces what’s ahead with the same attitude he’s faced other challenges and circumstances in his life. He smiles and answers with a glass half full attitude.

“So I think if we see along the way maybe he tempers his comments or thinks before he says something, we may end up, let’s give him a chance, as a good president,” DeJoria said. “I hope so for everybody.”

For the full article and to view the video, please visit Texas billionaire and friend of President Trump reveals why he didn’t vote for him.

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